Bookscreen is a flexible screen constructed from quality, used, hardback books. Each one is handmade, individual, an exploration into colour composition and builds on the qualities of the original books.  The screens are assembled using traditional book binding techniques.  The integrated book spines provide pliable hinges for the concertina screen. Each screen is given a Christian name.

sizes Although each of the screens is unique and can be made to a specific size, they are available in four typical sizes:

mini (5 books. 5 books across and 1 book high).

low (18 books. 6 books across and 3 books high.  Approximately 550mm).

regular (48 books. 6 books across and 8 books high.  Approximately 1500mm high).

large (64 books. 8 books across and high.  Approximately 1500mm high).

colours The bold colours of the book covers provide an integral part of Bookscreen. Hard back books can be found in a range of colours and tones and can be arranged in a variety of ways including: a spectrum of colours, a gradation of a range of colours  or a more random composition of colours.

reverse The back of each screen is lined with pages from the books themselves; providing a subdued alternative for a change of character.

application Bookscreen’s bold colours, simplicity and existing patina would add an element of personality to any interior. The taller screens would be an ideal privacy screen for reading, as a feature in corporate foyers, libraries, cafes or for delineating space and providing a haven in an open plan house.  The low and mini Bookscreen would provide an ideal privacy screen above or below a workstation.

Over time as traditional books are increasingly replaced by digital media the Bookscreens will provide cultural reminders for future generations on the tactile nature and beauty of handcrafted, traditional books.