betty blue range

Date July 2008

Description Betty is a set of crockery assembled from a mix of mis-matched, ‘as good as new’ plates.  The concept was not purely about giving the plates a make-over.  The intention was to go a step further and address possible reasons the plates were discarded in the first place; in particular the issue of good quality plates becoming orphaned. Betty gives these plates a new family.

Although each plates is an original composition (no two plates are the same) and each comes from a different walk of life, they are now related to one another through the application of blue and white circular motifs.  The artwork is based on several of the found plates, which themselves form part of the new set.

Photos Peter Bennetts (top), design files (middle), Sam Parsons (bottom)

Stockists limited edition run. sold out.


Date 2002

Description Floorscape is an interactive rug that can be easily folded, configured and reconfigured into freestanding structures. It has an integrated structure and a series of fold lines for simple, on the spot assembly without any separate, fiddly pieces.

Inspiration and influences were far and wide. They included: 1) day to day experiences of living in and growing up in Australia, 2) architecture, especially such masters of form as Le Corbusier and Felix Candela, 3) furniture where surface and structure were inseparable, 4) a curious exploration into tailoring, 5) paper folding and deployable structures, and 6) the traditional nomadic lifestyle of central Asia, especially the Mongolian ger (a simple, felt, tent-like structure with a timber frame) and their rugs. Notably these nomadic rugs each had a specific function (for example sleeping, eating, praying, or meeting) and when not in use they were simply rolled up and stacked around the outside of the tent.

Status Prototype

Awards Floorscape has been recognised by various awards programs

Designer Samantha Parsons

Photography Earl Carter (top image) Samantha Parsons (other)


Date 2004

Description Floorplay was designed primarily with portability and simplicity in mind.

Floorplay consists of a grid of squares, fold lines, and slits enables it to be easily folded into a variety of low forms including screens, headrests, archways, tunnels, rooms or boxes.

Floorplay is suitable for all ages: a portable, clean surface for new borns and crawling legs, an engaging object for curious 4 going on 10 year olds, a comfortable headrest for resting or a visor for picnics in the park.

Floorplay provides design conscious parents a stylish children’s product they can display in their home. Its simple, no fuss aesthetic enables it to form part of any decor. When not being used by the children, it can be left as a stylish floor rug. Alternatively it can be easily folded and stored away.

Floorplay has received tremendous recognition both in Australia and overseas, especially following the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair 2004. It was a finalist in the Australian wide, State of Design Award and it was exhibited in October 2004 at Tokyo Designers Block and Seoul Design Festival as part of an Australia exhibition titled Tyranny of Distance.

Status Prototype

Designer Samantha Parsons

Photography Earl Carter (top image) Samantha Parsons (other)


Date 2004

Description Beachboard was created to provide a convenient alternative to traditional beach towel. The headrest, with integrated structure, is ideal for reading on the beach. The structure also helps to delineate personal space and offers some privacy from passer-bys. The fins offers a safe, shaded place to hide drinks, valuables and belongings.

Inspiration Beachboard is reminiscent of Australia’s beach culture; surfing, colour, fauna (eg shark fins), flora (eg tea tree foliage), cliff topography, sand landscapes (castles and dunes) and the play of shadows.

Status Prototype

Designer Samantha Parsons

Photography Samantha Parsons

Graphic motif Spacecraft

Alba the screen

alba shower screen

Date 2006 (for submission into the Reece Design Award, Bathroom furniture category)

Description Alba (Italian for Sunrise) is a freestanding, portable, lightweight, folding, screen for the bathroom. It consists of 5 hinged, sloping panels. Alba incorporates a fixed shelf, hanging points for towels and allows for optional attachments such as the towel pole or a full-length mirror. Its portability enables it to be used not only around the shower, but also around the bath or toilet so several people could use the bathroom at once. When space is a necessity it can be folded away into a compact form.

Materials It is intended that Alba would be made from lightweight, corrosion resistant, anodised, aluminium sheet, available in a wide variety of colours.

Inspiration Rock formations and waterfalls provided inspiration for the dynamic shape and profile of the panels.

Status Concept

Designer Samantha Parsons

3d simulation Jimmy Yuan

Illustration Russell Bryant