Musing Sustainability

publication Craft Australia Blogspot

title Sam Parsons: Musing on a Sustainable Practice

date 6 December 2011

This special feature on the Craft Australia blog focuses on sustainability, and in particular sustainable practice and making in 2011.

This is what I had to say:  “To me sustainability goes beyond material selection, recycling and minimizing environmental and social impacts. These should go without saying.  To me sustainability is about asking the bigger questions. Do we really need more designer furniture?  Does the design contribute something worthwhile?”

“As a designer I grapple with questions like these on a constant basis.  I am consequently committed to designing solutions that have real purpose, respond to everyday needs, are adaptable, contribute to the quality of life, can transcend transient fashion and importantly challenge society’s ‘throw away’ mentality”.

Please read more are Craft Australia Sustainability Forum

Thank you Belinda for inviting me to participate.

Part of a Collection

publication Inside Out

date May-June 2011

article Well Played

product featured Mini Bookscreen

The article features the Elsternwick home of creative pair Dean and Tanya Cherny.  Dean has been an “avid art collector” for 13 years.  A Mini Bookscreen by Studio Sam is in some great company including paintings by David Bromley and Tim Storrier.

The Mini Bookscreens bright colours pop out as it sits on a custom designed, dark timber shelving system in the living room.

The “house relies primarily on a white palette, but strong colour is introduced in dramatic artworks and accessories”.

photographer Derek Swalwell

stylist Jason Grant

author Carrie Hutchinson

Carefully selected

publication Inside Out

date March-April 2011

article Modern History

product featured Mini Bookscreen

The article features the home of Sydney stylist Claire Delmar and her husband James.  A Mini Bookscreen sits on the windowsill in their master bedroom.

“I spend a lot more time thinking about what I want rather than rushing out and buying something.  I’m quite fussy: I like things I don’t see too much, and things I know other people won’t have”…..”when it comes to the things I buy for my own home, I’m a strong believer in the theory that, if you love it, it’ll work with the other things that you love, too” says Claire.

photographer Corrie Bond

stylist Claire Delmar

author Rachel Smith

Peppermint Interview

publication Peppermint magazine

date Autumn 2011

article Indie Insights: Studio Sam

We felt very privileged to be interviewed by this sustainability focussed magazine who showcase “the best in eco and handmade design from Australia and the rest of the world”.

Sam heard Kelley Sheenan the editor/publisher present at Bubble and Speak in 2010 and really admired her work and commitment to sustainability.

author Jess Noble

Asia Pacific Designers

publication Surface Asia

date February 2011, Issue 02

article External Influence

author Anne-Maree Sargeant

Anne-Maree, with an ongoing quest for unearthing originality, identified Sam as one of five Australian designers “who’ve got the goods”.  The 4 other designers included Alexander Lotersztain, Trent Jansen, Tomek Archer and Simone LeAmon. The article was included in a special feature showcasing 20 emerging Asia Pacific designers.

link to Surface Asia Directory

the Design Files

The Design Files Guest Blogger Lucy King included Bookscreen and Siena the Bookblock tables in her article “Lucy’s Redesign Roundup – Furniture”.  Lucy included some of her favourite redesigned furniture which also included pieces by Suzie Stanford (great armchairs re-upholstered using vintage tea towels), cloth (armchairs upholstered with over-printed fair trade coffee sacks) and some gorgeous shelving by Lucy herself.

date October 19 2010

link design files 


Dana from the design blog, Yellow Trace, interviewed Sam and asked a range of interesting questions including: What you are seeking to portray in your work? What is fundamental to your practice – your philosophy and your process? What are some of your methods to staying motivated, focused, and expressive? Apart from your work, what other interests or hobbies do you have? What is your most treasured belonging?

link please read the interview to find out my answers!

date 8 September  2010

image photo by Tim James ( Stylist Megan Morton.

Thank you Dana for including Studio Sam on your inspiring blog.  I really enjoyed the interview and sharing some different information about myself and Studio Sam.

Top 10 Forces and Faces

Publication DQ 37

Date Autumn 2010

Article DQ’s Top 10 Forces and Faces in Design

Each year DQ (Design Quarterly) magazine selects a group of 10 people “across myriad fields” that they feel “have achieved outstanding results in their practice”.  We thank them for including Studio Sam in their 2010 selection.

Celebrating Paper

Publication Sunday Age Newspaper, M Magazine, Melbourne, Victoria

Date 2 August 2009

Product Siena the Bookblock Table

Paper Works

Publication Inside Out, Australia

Date July August 2009

Article Paper Works

Author Lara Hutton

Product Mini Bookscreen