Frequently asked questions

Why the name Small Smiths? Good Question! A Smith is a skilled person who makes things.  Often smith is added to the end of a word to signify a type of craftspeople or occupation.  For example a locksmith makes locks.  A small smith = a small person who makes things.

How does Small Smiths differ from other kids activities? Kids have lots of regular, extra curricula activities these days (keeping mums and dads busy!).  Small Smiths is a flexible club, meaning you can come when it suits you.  It is designed to give kids and carers a break, to be social and to inspire fun.  Each Smith session will explore, and subsequently be named after, a different type of craft (eg Book Smith, Colour Smith, Plant Smith and the like).

Can you tell us a little about the venue? Small Smiths club is at Soul Pantry in Stafford, amongst the lush indoor foliage and fresh flowers.  With it’s artisan cafe, shop, garden hub cheese shop / bar it is a well known community hub. The easy-going, family friendly atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind.   There is car parking located on site.

Who is facilitating the club?  Small Smiths will be facilitated by the creator of Small Smiths, Sam Parsons.  Sam is a natural born creative.  She is an interior designer, landscape architect, a keen stitcher, Booksmith and mum to two young boys.

What is the format of Small Smiths?  After school or kindy please head on over to Soul Pantry where you can purchase a super $5 afternoon tea.  Sam will be on site for any queries or guest registrations from 3.30pm. Each session will start at 4pm with a short introduction.

Are parents required to attend? The program is aimed at children who are currently in kindy, prep or grades 1 to 3 (ie 4-8 year olds).  We recommend carers sit with any children who are currently in kindy or prep.  All other parents are welcome to sit with their child or enjoy Soul Pantry.  It is important however, that carers don’t leave the premises during the session, and are available if required to assist their child.

What do we need to bring and what will be provided? We provide aprons for the children to wear.  Although we are not intending on doing anything too messy, please wear clothes that are suitable for crafting and not to precious (just in case).  You are also welcome to bring you own art smocks.  All materials and equipment required will be provided.

What will the kids get to take home with then each week?  On completion of each session, the kids will also be given a ‘Small Smiths’ badge to add to their collection.  The Small Smiths also get to take their weekly creations home.

What is the cost to participate? There are 2 special offers:  1) A flexi membership or 2) a guest pass.  A flexi membership includes a pack of 5 sessions which allows the Small Smith to attend any 5 classes during the term for $75.  That is $15 per session.  The members can buy additional, single sessions during the term at the same rate of $15/session.  A guest pass is ideal for those who would like to just pop in and do 1 or 2 classes.  These individual sessions are $25 each.

What are the benefits of attending Small Smiths? The club is designed to be as cost effective as possible for families; using everyday items and found objects in creative ways.  Each Small Smith (member or guest): will receive a ‘Small Smiths’ badge on completion of each session; can borrow a Small Smith Apron; can enjoy a discount at the cafe and build local community connections.

How do we join the club and make reservations for the sessions?  To buy a membership please contact Sam directly.  Individual sessions for guests can be purchased directly from Sam on arrival (credit card, direct debit or cash).  Although you are welcome to come to any session, it would be really awesome if members and guests could reserve their classes in advance so we can ensure we cater for everyone. Please note classes are not transferable after the end of the term (unless agreed in writing by Sam in advance).  When signing up you will be asked to provide your child’s name, age and their favourite colour.

Do you offer free trial classes? Sorry, so we can keep the prices as low as possible we are unable to offer a free trial. But please feel free to come down and have a look one Friday afternoon or visit the weekly display of works.

THANK YOU.  We are so excited to see the great Small Smith Creations during the term.  If you have any suggestions for classes or additional venues we would love to hear from you so we can continue to make Small Smiths even more enjoyable and convenient.  We can also run workshops and craft parties on an as needs basis.  Please contact Sam to discuss your needs.  Sam.