Date 2002

Description Floorscape is an interactive rug that can be easily folded, configured and reconfigured into freestanding structures. It has an integrated structure and a series of fold lines for simple, on the spot assembly without any separate, fiddly pieces.

Inspiration and influences were far and wide. They included: 1) day to day experiences of living in and growing up in Australia, 2) architecture, especially such masters of form as Le Corbusier and Felix Candela, 3) furniture where surface and structure were inseparable, 4) a curious exploration into tailoring, 5) paper folding and deployable structures, and 6) the traditional nomadic lifestyle of central Asia, especially the Mongolian ger (a simple, felt, tent-like structure with a timber frame) and their rugs. Notably these nomadic rugs each had a specific function (for example sleeping, eating, praying, or meeting) and when not in use they were simply rolled up and stacked around the outside of the tent.

Status Prototype

Awards Floorscape has been recognised by various awards programs

Designer Samantha Parsons

Photography Earl Carter (top image) Samantha Parsons (other)