Mini Bookscreen

Date 2008

Description Like the taller Bookscreen, the Mini Bookscreen is constructed from quality, used, hardback books. Each one is handmade using traditional book binding techniques.  Each screen is given a Christian name.

The Mini Bookscreen can be made in several different ways.  The screens can be made with books on both sides or alternatively the back of the screen can be lined with the pages from the books themselves.

Size typically 5 books across and 1 book high.  Custom sizes can be made.

Colours various (refer to notes for Bookscreen)

Application the Mini Bookscreen would provide an ideal privacy screen above or below a workstation.  The mini screen would also provide an intriguing table centrepiece.

Purchase details available from selected stockists.

Price available on application . The price of the screens depends on colour, size, the construction method and the level of customisation required.

Photos by Sam Parsons