Musing Sustainability

publication Craft Australia Blogspot

title Sam Parsons: Musing on a Sustainable Practice

date 6 December 2011

This special feature on the Craft Australia blog focuses on sustainability, and in particular sustainable practice and making in 2011.

This is what I had to say:  “To me sustainability goes beyond material selection, recycling and minimizing environmental and social impacts. These should go without saying.  To me sustainability is about asking the bigger questions. Do we really need more designer furniture?  Does the design contribute something worthwhile?”

“As a designer I grapple with questions like these on a constant basis.  I am consequently committed to designing solutions that have real purpose, respond to everyday needs, are adaptable, contribute to the quality of life, can transcend transient fashion and importantly challenge society’s ‘throw away’ mentality”.

Please read more are Craft Australia Sustainability Forum

Thank you Belinda for inviting me to participate.