date designed 2010

We are excited to present Outee – a range of furniture we are currently developing at Studio Sam.

Outee was initiated to address real needs, in particular the challenges of urban growth.  It was designed with micro-scale spaces in mind. The compact design and adaptability of the modules provide a spatial solution where floor space is limited.

The Furniture Module offers several functions simply by rotating it – a table and chair, a bar stool, a bench or a high table.

The Planter can be rotated to provide 2 different pot sizes for a variety of plants and / or stages of maturity.

Outee is suitable both outdoors and indoors.

It would be ideal for small outdoor spaces such as balconies.  Outee would also sit comfortably in bookshops, breakout spaces, kids bedrooms and the like.  Its flexibility would earn it high praise at  galleries, resorts, cafes, libraries, universities and schools.

The design of Outee was proudly supported through a Creative Sparks Grant, a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

materials UV resistant recyclable polyethylene

colours a variety of neutral and bright colours.

price POA.   Please contact Studio Sam.

photography Mindi Cooke