“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for Tomorrow” (Albert Einstein)

Tomorrow is more than just the day after today.  It is the future.  This installation took a look at how we as consumers, retailers and designers may address various environmental and social issues as we approach ‘tomorrow’.

A series of rooms were choreographed based on colour and lyrics from songs.  Each is a composition of furniture, accessories and found objects including some hand-made pieces from the Studio Sam’s Booksmith Range.

For each product/object a mini autobiography was written to explore their ‘lifecycle’; origin, materiality and outlook for their future.   The products came from different generations and had varying degrees of ‘value’.  Some were prized for their design, some were respected for their durability, some were treasured as ‘collectables’, some were appreciated for their clever reuse of materials and some were esteemed for their low environmental impact and social responsibility.  Visitors were encouraged to engage, discover and reassess the value of things and consider possible new ways of using, collating and enjoying the things they buy and those they already have at home.

Date November 2009 to January 2010

Location Corporate Culture, Brisbane

Curator Samantha Parsons

Photographer Geoffrey Marsh, Pride of Joy Photographics, 0438 455 301